Why market your cattle on BidOnTheBlock.com? Many breeders have outstanding breeding programs. Depending on your circumstances a traditional auction may not fit your timetable or you simply may not have the numbers to support having a full blown production auction on your own and perhaps you don’t aspire to join a group of breeders for a joint production sale.

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BidOnTheBlock.com is the answer. BidOnTheBlock.com gives YOU all the ADVANTAGES of creating a competitive bidding atmosphere for your offering, exposure and a spotlight for YOUR breeding program SELLING the GENETICS YOU’VE WORKED SO HARD TO PRODUCE. YOU set the parameters for the auction. TIME, DATE, NUMBER OF LOTS. All of the benefits of an auction minus some of the hard work, time, penning, handling and equipment it takes to conduct a successful traditional auction. From Live Lot Females Sales, Bull Offerings, Show Heifers, Embryos and Semen auctions, THE OPTIONS ARE HERE AT BidOnTheBlock.com TO GENERATE MORE DOLLARS FOR YOU.

BidOnTheBlock.com offers Eye-Catching Graphics, On-Line Digital Catalog, Polished Video Edits, and above all the EXPERTISE and MARKETING KNOW-HOW in the auction business to ensure YOUR AUCTION reaches its MAXIMUM POTENTIAL.